Alto Colony - アルトコロニー

D.O.B.- October 2, 2011
Age- 16yrs. 
Gender- Male 
Height- 5'5" (165 cm) 
Weight- 119 lbs (54 kg)

Model #- 38
Voice- MewKwota
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver. 2.3
Character Item(s)- Pear Apple

Likes- Romance, Dressing up, Yogurt, Gardening, Theatrics
Dislikes- Violence, Windy days, Wearing headgear, The cold

PANloid Pun
Alto's full name spells out "aru tokoro ni" the Japanese equivalent of "once upon a time".

Alto was never initially a part of the PANloids. Like Tsux, he had quite the backstory about that lead him to meeting his future PANloid siblings. He was presumably a prince, or so he says, from a old storybook, but he had lost his memories of his life prior to becoming a PANloid.

Very few people know very much about his past.

Alto loves all kinds of romance, and due to his innocence, finds that any relationship can be possible. He is awfully childish for his age, and very emotional, so he cries over things very easily.

Despite being 16 years old, Alto's level of intelligence is not to an average level. In fact, Alto is unable to read, but ironically has a good memory when told stories and instructions. He also enjoys gardening, and boasts a green thumb, as well as the supposed ability to hear what plants are saying.

Alto is very frail and so he is prone to catch colds, and becomes notably agitated when high gusts are present. Fall and winter are his least favorite seasons for their weather.

Supplemental Info

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