Terms of Use

The following are rules for the usage of both PANloid voicebanks and character designs.
This mostly applies to those of PANloid Division 1, and may vary for Divisions 2 and 3.

Redistribution of voicebanks, new or outdated, is not allowed without approved permission from MewKwota. This also includes sharing the URL, unless it is directly to the PANloid official website.

Editing oto.ini is allowed, but redistribution of the edits is not allowed without approved permission.
Editing voice samples is not allowed without approved permission.

Usage of voicebanks or voice samples for artificial intelligence (AI) learning is strictly prohibited.
This includes ports of any PANloid voicebank to programs such as Diff-SVC.

Any edits to voicebanks must be intended for the original PANloid character. Creation of fanmade characters, or other derivatives from PANloid voicebanks is strictly forbidden.

It is not required to ask for permission to use any PANloid in covers, medleys, etc.
Songs with strong language/themes are up to the discretion of the user.

It is preferred that the PANloids are not to be paired romantically with each other in songs.
Nonromantic duets between two PANloids are otherwise allowed.

Songs and covers do not need to abide to a PANloid's given personality.

Do not use voicebanks or character designs for commercial use without approved permission.

It is strictly forbidden to use any PANloid voicebank or character design for the production of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchains, or any exchange of cryptocurrency.

It is not required to ask for permission to include any PANloid character in fanart or fanfiction.

Altering a PANloid's character in art or writing is allowed without permission.

Pairing a PANloid with another character is allowed without permission.

Said depictions and couplings are considered unofficial by default, and at the sole responsibility of the user. Do not obligate unofficial depictions or couplings to the original images of the character.

Altering and repurposing PANloid voicebanks/designs for anything other than the original PANloid character (including recolors, genderbends, fan characters, or pitchloids) is strictly forbidden.

Do not use the PANloid character designs for any form of hate speech, political or otherwise.

Any form of mature content, meaning anything extremely sexual or violent, is allowed as long as the intent is not to purposely harm or offend any particular group.

Proper censorship and disclaimers are encouraged, but not required, and are otherwise left at the sole responsibility of the user. It is preferred that the content remains tasteful to some extent.

Allowed (O), Forbidden (X), Requires Permission (~)  
  • Redistribute Voicebank (~)
  • Edit oto.ini (O)
  • Distribute oto.ini (~)
  • Edit Voice Sample (~)
  • Derivative Voicebank (X)
  • AI, Diff-SVC Conversion (X)
  • Personal, Non-Commercial Works (O)
  • Commercial Works (~)
  • NFT, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Exchange (X)
  • Fan Character, Pitchloid, Genderbend (X)
  • Coupling (BL, GL, NL) (O)
  • R-18 (O)

Do not claim the PANloids as your own. Please credit MewKwota accordingly.

Any concerns and questions about the PANloids can be directed to MewKwota for clarification.
All rules are subject to change at without prior notice.

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