What's PANloid?

PANloid - (n.) [pan-lloyd] / [ぱんろいど]

PANloids are a series of UTAU voicebanks created by MewKwota. The simple criteria for a PANloid is that their name must be a pun of some sort. Hence, "pan" or "pun" pronounced in Japanese within the series name. Therefore, it may also be said as PUNloid. At the same time, the "pan" in PANloid can also be the Japanese word for "bread". (Aha, a pun in the PANloid name!)

Though there are countless other UTAU with puns for names, they are not a part of this series.

The first PANloid was Tsux Namine, who started out as a fan-based character before becoming a full-fledged UTAU a year after her creation. The series name itself actually came into being when Ao Yaiya was created.

After a growing addition of voicebanks, MewKwota allowed the PANloid series to be organized into Divisions. Each of these Divisions would be managed by the voicer of the PANloids within them. As of now, the PANloid series is a family-based UTAU group compiled into three Divisions:

The list of PANloids in each Division can be found in the PANloid Profiles page.

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