Ao Yaiya - アオヤイヤ

D.O.B.- September 17, 2011
Age- 8yrs.
Gender- Male
Height- 3'10" (117 cm)
Weight- 89 lbs (40 kg)

Model #- A0
Voice- MewKwota

Most Recent Voicebank- CVVC Ver. 1.0
Character Item(s)- Slapstick, Baseball Bat

Likes- Action movies, Baby seals, Lolipops, Rice noodles
Dislikes- Ventriloquist dummies, Shotacon, Lolicon, Knock-knock jokes

PANloid Pun
In Western order, Ao's name sounds similar to áo dài a Vietnamese traditional dress.

Ao is the younger of the Yaiya twins. The two of them were made to start the PANloid project and extend the series after Tsux started her career as an idol. Ao plays jokes on others with his twin sister Ai. Ironically, he hates getting teased in return.

Ao can come off as very stubborn, and acts especially distant towards new people. He actually loves attention, but has difficulty expressing his feelings towards others, fearing that he may reveal his personal weaknesses. Outside of singing, Ao holds no other special talents. His insecurities about this lead him to believe that no one will want to be friends with him.

Ao likes to imagine a time when he can be as strong and skilled as his older siblings. One of his dreams, for example, is to be a superhero.

Supplemental Info

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  1. Free hugs for the cinnamon bun of the PANloid series!
    so darn cute!