Tsux Namine - 波音ツ 

D.O.B.- October 6, 2009
Age- 14yrs.
Gender- Undefined (Intersex)
Height- 5'3" (163 cm)
Weight- 110 lbs (50 kg)

Model #- 08
Voice- MewKwota
Most Recent Voicebank- ADVENT Ver. 1.0
Character Item(s)- Wooden Breadboard 

Likes- Fish, Open-air markets, Hot tubs, Jazz, Long rides
Dislikes- Being inferior, Rivals, Hammers, Jeans

PANloid Pun
In Western order, Tsux's full name is meant to sound like "tsunami ne" or "harbor wave sound".

sux once went by the name of Xuunami, a living entity of unlimited power who loved to battle the strongest of warriors. With every victory, her power grew along with her ego.

Sadly, this hunger for more challengers was what brought her downfall. Upon her fateful defeat, Tsux literally shattered herself into eight fragments to prevent her powers from being taken by the foe she faced before her.

She was soon able to reunite her fragments, but could not regain her once-mighty form. Stuck in a lesser body with only a sliver of her power, Tsux was forced into a life of humility.

Her cold demeanor slowly changed after being exposed to selfless friends, one of which was also a retired singer who inspired Tsux to become an idol.

Though Tsux has grown to be sweet and loving, her status remains an important aspect from her previous life. If made to feel inferior, she may become ruthless and violent.

Tsux has the ability to sprout wings and fly, as well as read the power levels of other people. Her weapon of choice is a sword whose blade acts more like a whip.

In her spare time, Tsux grows honeydew melons and sells them at a local market.

Supplemental Info
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  • (g+20) Mon Shebaru
  • Tsux's major fear of hammers is due to her fragile interior which is made of crystal glass. If broken, she can regenerate, albeit at a very slow rate.
  • Although they are stated to be honeydew melons, the actual species of melon that Tsux grows is unknown. They are said to grow from the knowledge of passersby, thus she plants them (without authorization) in schools.


  1. the most harmless and friendly tsunami I've ever encountered! Also, free hugs for Tsux. Free hugs for MewKwota. Free hugs for the other PANloids!

  2. Why does she remind my of Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe?