Okashi Amane - 甘音お菓子

D.O.B.- February 19
Age- 13
Gender- Male
Height- 5'0" (152 cm)
Weight- 108 lbs (49 kg)

Model #- None
Voice- MaryKosmosVer2
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver. 1.0 (formerly RICH)
Character Item(s)- Heart-shaped Lollipop, Mint Chocolate Bar

Likes- candy, pastries, ice cream, knickerbockers, the Floating Island
Dislikes- growing up, being told what to do, vegetables, grownups, rules

PANloid Pun
Depending on how it's pronounced, Okashi's name can sound like "Oh-kah-shee", meaning "candy" or "sweets", or "Oh-KAH-shee", which means "strange" or "weird", referencing to his mannerisms.

A teenage boy obsessed with candy, ice cream, and all that is sweet. Often described by many as “The Biggest Brat in the New World”, Okashi is snobby, immature, and rude towards everybody, especially grownups; however, he’s actually a very lonely and misunderstood child who pours all of his true feelings into Parfait (パフェ), his stuffed unicorn. Okashi is also the self-proclaimed ruler of the Floating Island, his “sweet” paradise.

Supplemental Info
  • Okashi seems to show signs of Puer Aeternus (Peter Pan syndrome), living his own little fantasy world and refusing to act his age.
  • Okashi is Swiss.
  • Okashi’s favorite ice cream flavors are mint, bubblegum, and cotton candy.
  • Okashi is usually accompanied by girls in wedding gowns for reasons unknown.
  • Okashi’s nickname is Kaka, much to his own embarrassment.
  • Okashi believes in “Knickerbocker Glory”, referring to the dessert and the fact that he often wears knickerbockers.
  • Okashi represents Greed.

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    1. I can relate! Free hugs to the guy who probably wouldn't want it of PANloid.