Anon Anne - 杏音アノン

D.O.B.- January 8
Age- ???
Gender- Male
Height- 5'3" (161 cm)
Weight- 110 lbs (50 kg)

Model #- None
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver. 1.0 Character Item(s)- Apricot, Stiletto

Likes- his masks, horror literature, wearing women’s clothes (only because they’re for his disguises and they sometimes make him feel comfortable), whenever his “traps” work
Dislikes- older men, being accused as a homosexual, the three men who “used” him, running (only because he usually wears high-heeled footwear), those who hurt and torture boys

PANloid Pun
Anon's first and last names mean "apricot sound". His real name Hanon is also pronounced the same way, which he later “changed” it to conceal his identity.

At first glance, Anon looks like a typical dandy; classy, haughty, and a major neat freak. In truth, this mask-wearing dandy’s actually very empathetic and on a search for “the three men who used him”. Because of that, Anon has an intense hate towards older men and those who abuse other boys like him. He sometimes assumes an “alter ego” named Anne Anon (杏音アン) and, using the power of his feminine charms, kills some of his targets this way. Despite his effeminate appearance, voice, and habits, Anon is actually straight and takes his objectives very seriously.

Supplemental Info
  • Anon’s distinguishing features are a red uniform and red masquerade mask of some sort.
  • Anon is French.
  • Anne Anon is really Anon wearing a large, usually red and black, gown with one of his red party masks.
  • Anon’s main persona is “Sekishibyou no Kamen” (赤死病の仮面)
  • Aside from being a master of disguise, Anon is also a skilled pianist.
  • Anon is physically 17 years old, but his true age is unknown.
  • Anon’s hair color is classified as “strawberry blond”, even though his hair appears pink.  
  • Anon represents Lust.

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  1. Free hugs to a person I think has the best morals ever! I think he might actually hug back!