Shi Tawine - 滞音シ

D.O.B.- June 10
Age- ???
Gender- Hermaphrodite
Height- 4'5" (136 cm)
Weight- 242.5 lbs (110 kg)

Model #- None
Voice- MaryKosmosVer2
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver.1.0 (formerly LILITH)
Character Item(s)- Jeweled Collar, Black Ribbons

Likes- the nanomachines that now compose his entire body, the sight of his victims shriveling in his presence, his Master (unrequited), his Ani
Dislikes- women, his body parts being touched (especially his hands), exhibitionism, being called a “she” 

PANloid Pun
Shi's name is derived from Tsux Namine (波音ツ) of Division 1, but intentionally mixed around. His nickname Shian” (シアン) is in reference to his color scheme.

Shi defines the word androgynous from his looks to his genetics. He’s very childlike and demure in personality and has a tendency to end his sentences with “-cha”. The result of a failed sex change experiment, he was the only child of a family who wanted a girl; because of that, he holds a grudge against women and girls. During that same experiment, his body also lost all of its human components and was resurrected through nanomachines. Shi’s hands are always bound over his chest in order to keep his new powers under control, so if he were to lower his hands or reach for something, his arms would always cover his chest.

Supplemental Info
  • Shi is Thai.
  • Shi’s last name is pronounced “TIE-neh”.
  • In hiragana, Shi’s name is written as “たゐねし”.
  • Shi is physically 13 years old, but his true age is unknown.
  • Shi “works” alongside χ, whom he calls “Master-cha”, and Anon Anne, whom he calls “Ani-cha”.
  • Shi’s arms only unbind when using his powers.
  • If Shi gets provoked or stressed, tentacles shoot out from his eye sockets, mouth, “breasts”, and groin.
  • Shi is 20% female and 80% male.
  • Shi represents Envy.

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  1. Free hugs to the guy who can't hug back, but probably would if he could.