Ni Sanne - 三音二

D.O.B.- August 8, 2012
Age- 12yrs.
Gender- Female
Height- 5'0" (152 cm)
Weight- 97 lbs (44 kg)

Model #- 07
Voice- MewKwota
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver.1.1
Character Item(s)- Soap Bubble

Likes- Fish, Teasing, Swimming, Flirting, Hypnotism
Dislikes- Getting wet, Hot weather, Harsh judgement, Being treated like a child

PANloid Pun
In Western order, Ni's name spells out "niisan ne" and meant to sound like "brother sound". This could play to her tomboyish behavior, but she dislikes being called "Niisan".

Ni is the tomboyish daughter of a long-lost PANloid, and works as a waitress in a family-owned seafood restaurant.

She is a cross between a PANloid and a mermaid, so she can grow a tail at will and breathe underwater. In addition, Ni can also produce bubbles, and control water like her mother.

Ni can come off as very strange, with her foreign accent and habit of muttering in another language. She can be flirtatious towards older boys, and embarrasses others when she asks if they're single.This may be the result of Ni spending most of her time at the family restaurant, making it difficult to make friends her age.

She is known for posing in a two-armed akimbo.

Supplemental Info

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  1. Again, I was wrong about the pun! This time I thought you were playing with the name of the car company, Nissan. This is so much cooler!
    Free hugs to the tomboy of PANloid