Oto Sanne (right) and his wife Kono (left).
Oto Sanne - 三音オト

D.O.B.- August 7, 2012
Age- 34yrs.
Gender- Male
Height- 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight- 132 lbs (60kg)

Model #- 03
Voice- Ni Sanne (Derivative)
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver. 1.1
Character Item(s)- None

Likes- Fine art, Cooking, Fishing, Things going according to plan
Dislikes- Dirty things, Poor rhythm

PANloid Pun
In Western order, Oto's name spells out "otosan ne" and meant to sound like "father sound". This is simply a play on the fact that Oto is a parent.

Oto is the supposed "long-lost uncle" of the PANloids. 

His creator built him after the Yaiya twins to expand the PANloid family with a father unit, but later scrapped the idea entirely. Despite the final decision, Oto was already completed, and allowed to live life as he pleased.

With his musical gift, Oto traveled the world and became an adept conductor. He also furthered his skills by taking on culinary arts and art critique. After achieving mastery in the arts, Oto decided to settle down in a port town where he opened up a seafood restaurant, and spent his spare time fishing.

It was with that hobby that Oto would come to meet his wife, Kono, and father a daughter named Ni. Now with a family of his own, Oto decided it would be time to finally reunite with his fellow PANloids as their self-reassigned uncle.

Oto can easily be described as a well-composed man with a strong love for class. 
With that, he can also be quite the perfectionist. When under too much stress, a strange of Oto's hair springs upward like an ahoge.

Supplemental Info
  • Oto's voice is provided by flagging Ni Sanne with (g+20).

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