Ai Yaiya - アイヤイヤ

D.O.B.- September 17, 2011
Age- 8yrs.
Gender- Female
Height- 3'10" (117 cm)
Weight- 89 lbs (40 kg)

Model #- A1
Voice- Ao Yaiya (Derivative)
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver. 2.1
Character Item(s)- Hand-Clapper

Likes- Action movies, Bishonen, Biseinen, Zebras, Soft-serve ice cream, Baking
Dislikes- Gummy wormsShotacon, Lolicon, Banana jokes

PANloid Pun
In Western orderAi's name plays around the interjection "Aiyaya!".

Ai is the older of the Yaiya twins. As expected of an older child, Ai is one who prefers to think before taking action, criticizing those who do otherwise.

She has a typical fantasy-crush towards older males, and would sometimes approach a guy just to ask if he would hold her hand.

Ai is also interested in how things are made, especially when it comes to baking.

Her pigtails are able to move on their own, and act like a second pair of hands.
She is also capable of using a gun in the case of danger.

Supplemental Info
  • UTAU wiki page 
  • Ai's voice is provided by flagging Ao Yaiya with (g-15).

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  1. Free hugs to Kawaii af (That's my nickname for her; not canon)