Kael Wang - 王子蛙

D.O.B.- July 14
Age- 14yrs.
Gender- Male
Height- 4'9" (145 cm)
Weight- 88 lbs (40 kg)

Model #- None
Voice- MaryKosmosVer2
Most Recent Voicebank- CV Ver. 1.0
Character Item(s)- Fighting Fans, Golden Ball

Likes- his hat, braids, martial arts
Dislikes- no manners, anyone removing his hat, liars

PANloid Pun
Kael's first name written in Japanese would be "kaeru" or "frog". In Western order, his full name would mean the Frog Prince. His real name, Wang Qing Wa (王青蛙), means "blue frog king".

The middle child of the Three Wangs, an assassin trio who disguise themselves as professional singers. Kael can be described as no-nonsense and aggressive, always brandishing his fighting fans at the sight of any stranger in his presence. He always wear a baseball cap that cover his eyes, and whenever his hat is removed, he turns into a frog and can only be turn back to normal with a kiss.

Supplemental Info
  • Kael has two sisters named Xin Wa and Xiao Wa. 
  • Kael is Chinese.
  • Kael prefers to be called by his alias instead of his real name.
  • Kael is the only Wang who is shorter and younger than his Western counterpart.
  • Kael sports a red bindi on his forehead, signifying his curse.
  • Kael appears to be danger-prone, always getting captured and having to be rescued by someone, usually his sisters.  
  • Kael represents Wrath.

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