D.O.B.- October 30, 2013
Age- 14yrs.
Gender- Boyish
Height- 4'4" (132 cm)
Weight- 84 lbs (38 kg)

Model #-None
Voice- None
Most Recent Version- None
Character Item(s)- None

Likes- Tsux, Hoarding, Open spaces
Dislikes- Being told off, Apologizing, Water

PANloid Pun

Mir was once the right-hand man to Xuunami, Tsux's past incarnation, who was very loyal and enjoyed fighting for her. He was soon dismissed by Xuunami when he was unable to defeat a horde of challengers, left to die with nothing but his untended injuries and harboring anger toward his ex-master. He resorted to thievery in order to survive. After an unknown period of time, the two reunited under strange circumstances, resulting in Mir deciding to rejoin his reformed master's side.

While trying new terms in relationship, Mir habitually refers to Tsux by her real name, and appears to love trying to please her with random acts of appreciation. Whether this is from lingering loyalties or that Mir has become infatuated is unknown.

Mir is a sprite who controls red lighting as his means of attack.
He is fairly impish and mischievous, but has occasional impulses to take things from others.

Supplemental Info
  • Mir also went by the name Sumaloid for a short period of time, intended to have a voicebank of some sorts. However, this never happened.
  • Mir's eyes can vary depending on his mood as his visor is part of his face.

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  1. Free hugs to the spunky sidekick of PANloid! He's so friggin' cute!