Mon Shebaru - モンシェバル

D.O.B.- July 4, 2012
Age- 18yrs.
Gender- Male
Height- 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight- 148 lbs (67 kg)

Model #- 04
Voice- Tsux Namine (Derivative)
Most Recent Voicebank- XANADU Ver. 1.0
Character Item(s)- Rocking Horse

Likes- Cookies, Being outside, His Master, Physical activity
Dislikes- The ocean, Anyone riding on him besides Master

PANloid Pun
Mon's name is a Japanese pronunciation of "mon cheval" meaning "my horse" in French.

Mon is a superhuman-horse hybrid created by a bishonen scientist by the name of Gene who did so as a gift for Ai. He considers Ai his Master, and refers to her as such. As Ai's protector, Mon is blindly loyal to his Master. Doubling as her pet, he cuddles her lovingly and allows her to ride on his back.

Being part horse, Mon often displays mannerisms similar to a horse such as nuzzling, standing on his fours, and shaking his head to fix his hair. These traits also gave him strong legs and the abilities of a super-human athlete. He also moves in a horse-like gait.

Mon's right wrist has a horseshoe-shaped laser, while his visor holds so specific function. It is mainly used to hide his expression, as Mon prefers to appear like he always keeps his cool. Removing that visor, however, reveals dark brown eyes that are as gentle as a horse's, as well as a soft personality.

The cause of Mon's dislike for the sea is due to having heard stories of horses having to be dumped into the the middle of the ocean to rid of heavy weight.

Supplemental Info
  • Mon's voice is provided by flagging Tsux Namine with (g+20).

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  1. Free hugs to Tsux's little pony (my little pony pun, it seemed fitting)