Kono Sanne (left), and her husband Oto (right).
Kono Sanne - 三音この

 D.O.B.- August 7, 2012
Age- 28yrs.
Gender- Female
Height- 5'4" (170 cm)
Weight- 134 lbs (60kg)

Model #- None
Voice- None
Most Recent Voicebank- None
Character Item(s)- None

Likes- Singing, Playing the harp, Walking barefoot, Sunsets
Dislikes- Getting wet, Tight clothes, Weaving, Wearing shoes

PANloid Pun
Kono goes by the nickname "Kono Mama" by her nieces and nephews. This is to sound like the phrase "konomama" meaning "as it is".

One evening when Oto went fishing, he hooked a mysterious lady who revealed herself to be a mermaid. Her name was Kono, and she had apparently been searching for fish as Oto was. After apologizing for the mishap, he decided to let her go.

A few days passed since that encounter, and Oto would meet Kono again during his next trip at sea where she decided to help catch a few fish for him. This would go on for several more visits, as Kono came to grow fond of Oto's company. They exchanged stories at one point, Oto proposed that Kono come live with him and become a family.

While hesitant at first, Kono finally agreed and grew legs so she could join her new husband on land.
She helped her husband around their family restaurant as one of the waitresses, and raised a spunky young daughter named Ni, who inherited her mermaid traits.

Kono is a gentle and loving woman, whose patience helps counteract her husband's occasional fluster. She can regrow her hair and tail at will, whenever she enters the sea, as well as control water.

Supplemental Info
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  1. Free hugs to Toriel (Basically Toriel, from undertale, goat mom)

  2. I wish she were my mom, she seems like such a peach