D.O.B.- September 29, 2012 
Age- ??? 
Gender- Male
Height- 1'0" (30 cm)
Weight- 20 lbs (9 kg)

Model #- None
Voice- MewKwota
Current Version- ACT1 Ver. 2.1
Character Item(s)- Potato

Likes- Socks, Hiding in small spaces, Potatoes, Mush
Dislikes- Being rolled around

PANloid Pun
The "paradi" in Paradipoid's name comes from MewKwota's strange way of saying "platypus". Thus, his name translates to Platypoid. His name could also be known as Parodypoid.

Paradipoid was a birthday gift for Ao Yaiya's first birthday, because his Master was unable to find him his favorite animal as a pet. And though reluctant, Ao continues to care for him.  As his owner really wished for a pet baby seal, Paradipoid is often dressed in a baby seal costume to make up the void.

Paradipoid is no special creature. He is simply a regular, chubby platypus that loves to eat a lot. He has an awful habit of snuffling into people's socks as shelter, or to look for food unsuccessfully.

When he moves about, he makes a strange snuffling sound that resembles a pig.

Supplemental Info
  • Paradipoid's real name is Sillyo.

1 comment:

  1. I used to think his name was a pun on "Paradichlorobenzene," Len's song, but then I read this. I think this is a much better idea, and he belongs to you, so yes.
    Free hugs to the Platypus of PANloid!
    Also, that picture of Ao and Paradipoid is so darn cute, I think I might die of cuteness overload.