Player2 "Namine"

D.O.B.- November 11, 2012
Gender- Male
Height- 1'0" (30 cm)
Weight- 0.1 lbs (0.05 kg)

Model #- P2
Voice- Xerial Bole
Current Version- NIRO Ver. 1.0
Character Item(s)- Ice Grenade

Likes- Anything he likes
Dislikes- When people draw him incorrectly, ENEMY

PANloid Pun
There isn't any specific pun for Player2. But to make him a PANloid, Player2 was given the same last name as Tsux Namine. Thus making his name sound like "Player Tsux Namine".

Player2's final NIRO form.
Player2 is a mysterious entity that no one really knows too much about due to being the overshadowed counterpart of Player1. 

Player2's 1st NIRO form.
He is not much of a talker, and literally hides himself within the background. Player2 also holds the ability to pull weapons of any arsenal out of thin air, and is highly capable in Close Quarters Combat.

Player2 is capable of shifting from his simple stick-figure form to one that is more complex, such as NIRO, his more human-like form.

He has a very distinct complexion, as his head is either unfinished or has a little dent.

Supplemental Info
  • Player2 is known as "P2" for short, and prefers to be called as such.