Sei Kanagawa - 金川精

D.O.B.- February 13
Age- ???
Gender- Male
Height- 4'7" (140 cm)
Weight- 75 lbs (34 kg)

Model #- None
Voice- None
Most Recent Voicebank- None
Character Item(s)- None

Likes- playtime, dressing up, posing, Rei Ginga
Dislikes- loneliness, betrayal

PANloid Pun
Sei's name follows the same pattern as Rei. Sei means "spirit", compared to Rei, which means "soul", while Kanagawa simply means "golden river", in relation to Ginga, literally meaning "silver river".

Rei Ginga's reflection, meaning whatever Rei is, Sei is not; despite the differences, the two of them share the same soul. Unlike the cold-hearted and aloof Rei, Sei's an affectionate and emotional child who loves nothing more than good company; Rei can speak, while Sei doesn't and communicates through small sounds; etc. While Rei's loneliness contributes to his antisocial behavior, Sei's loneliness causes him to be more determined to meet new faces; sometimes, he even resorts to "stealing" Rei's body just to look for friends. Regardless of his clinginess, Sei has a good heart and never means any harm.

Supplemental Info
  • Just like Rei Sei doesn’t have an official design and owns an immense wardrobe that consists of purple, pink, black, and sometimes white.
  • Sei is Spanish.
  • Despite his wide array of clothes, Sei prefers to be clothed, especially in dresses.
  • Sei doesn't have many special abilities like Rei, but he never ages.
  • Also like Rei, Sei can be described as a “dolly boy”, being a human boy who acts a lot like a dress-up doll.
  • Rei and Sei align more with the Seven Deadly Sounds group than the UTAU group.
  • Sei represents Despair.

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  1. Free hugs to the boy who would be my bestie right off the bat. (I'm edgy, but I'm kind.) Sei is so sweet that I might just die of happiness!